Mullein & Sparrow Pure Series Rosehip Oil
Mullein & Sparrow

Mullein & Sparrow Pure Series Rosehip Oil


Founder Meha's favourite facial oil!
Rosehip seed oil is weak-recognized as a holy grail anti-aging and scar reducing face and body oil. It is perfect for those that are new to facial oils and are worried about being left with an "oily" face. Because it is non-greasy and readily absorbed into the skin it is considered a "dry"oil.  
Rosehip seed oil is naturally high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids giving it particularly strong regenerative and anti-aging properties. It also high in other nutriients such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C which together help to delay aging by promoting collagen, elastic and enhancing skins natural radiance and glow. 
Its nutritive properties also help to repair imperfections, minimize scars and stretch marks, help fight lines, all while restoring the skins texture, tone and elasticity. 


Recommended for use a skin treatment and moisturizer. Apply a small amount to skin, ideally while skin is still damp, and lightly massage using long strokes. 

Can also be used on hair, body and cuticles directly after bathing for restorative results. 


Rosa canina (rosehip) oil*



Try this IF:

  • You're looking for the best all-natural anti-aging moisturizer for your skin
  • Searching for a non-toxic way to minimize your scars and stretch marks.

 .5 fl oz / 15 mL